Training and Experience are the pillar of our Company

The entirety staff has get the required qualifications to develop the entrusted work, always consigned by our experience.

From the Direction’s point of view, training is a synonym of progress, it is a constant. We offer the last innovations the developed progress of the sector to the productive equipment.

Nowadays, Moan machining, apart from the manager , has a very good production team among them are engineers ,turners, millers , mechanics , welders …


Mecanizados Moan has facilities of 4200 m2. Of these, 2000 m2 are dedicated to the machining area, 1500 to the boilermaking area and 700 to the mechanics area.

Areas that work in continuous communication to achieve the best results

Organization chart


Contact Mecanizados Moan: (0034) 981 647 550