Wide range of dimensions and geometries

In Mecanizados Moan, parts are manufactured and / or repaired thanks to the capacity of the tooling and machinery of its facilities.

They cover a wide range of dimensions and geometries thanks to the variety in the types of their machines as well as the large number of tools available to officers.

Lathe and milling machine service (conventional and CNC).

Machining of parts and components, such as: endless screws, filter housings, shafts, pins, bearings, supports, transmissions, gears, bushings of special measures, bearings, hydraulic cylinders...

Machining of parts in series, such as: screws, nuts, washers, studs, guides, flanges,...

Mecanizados Moan

Means of production


CNC lathes

CNC lathes Geminis GT5 ø1200 length 8000

Torno Géminis

CNC lathes TD 35 ø950 L250. 12-position automatic turret with motorized slides. FANUC 32iTB CNC

Torno CMZ

CNC lathes Géminis GHT4 ø720 lenght 2000


MORI SEIKI lathes ø230xL400

Torno MORI

CNC notching machine

Entalladora CNC

Vertical lathe Ø2400 x H700 Ø2200 x H1650 CNC SIEMENS 840D

Torno vertical

Conventional lathes

Vertical lathe ø2200 x L1200

Torno convencional

Conventional machinery

maquinaria convencional

Milling and Grinding Machines

CNC milling machine LAGUN GALAXY CM4 X5000 Y1500 Z2000

fresadora lagun

CNC milling machine Correa 20/20 2000x1000x800

Fresadora CNC

Cylindrical grinding machine DANOVAC 1200-RP Ø340x1200

Rectificadora cilíndrica

CNC machined center MORI SEIKI SL3H 1000X800X500

centro mecanizado

Milling machine TOS

fresadora TOS

Milling machine CNC LAGUN X3000 Y1200 Z1500

fresadora lagun

Machining Center B-500

centro de mecanizado

Machining Center URBAN 2500 + 2 EJES

Centro Mecanizado URBAN 2500 + 2 EJES

Machining Center URBAN 2500

Centro Mecanizado URBAN 2500

Pieces and Parts

Using CAD-CNC-CAM technology, Mecanizados Moan is capable of manufacturing mechanical parts with a high requirement of tolerances, roughness and geometries. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they seek the best selection of materials combined with the appropriate heat and surface treatments for each case.

pieza mecanizado
pieza mecanizado
pieza mecanizado
pieza mecanizado